Best Delta 8 Brands of 2023: Reviews of Top THC Brands

Disclaimer: Delta-8 is federally legal under the US Farm Bill, but some states have regulated or banned the substance. Please check your local laws before buying. This is not a medical advice article.

I live in a state where many products used for medicinal and recreational purposes are banned.

BUT I have noticed that delta 8 is still allowed.

(What loophole has made this legal?)

Delta 8 is a cannabis compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s usually made synthetically since there is not a lot of Delta 8 in the natural cannabis plant. While the effects of Delta 8 aren’t typically as strong as traditional THC, users have reported feeling psychoactive effects from Delta 8, and some even go as far as to call the effects a high. 

When I realized this, I knew it was time for me to go on an adventure…

That’s right, delta 8 store hopping! Now I know for myself which of the best delta 8 brands deliver on their promises and which ones are just hype. 

It wasn’t an easy job to find out.

The hours were long, the science was daunting, and many gummies were sacrificed

I spent hours upon hours (with coffee as my BFF) analyzing every company’s processesproductsscientific methodscustomer reviews, and a lot more boring stuff!

In the end, I settled on One delta 8 companies that are exceptional in quality and also have something unique about them that I think is worth sharing. 

I did all of that so that you—my dear readers—wouldn’t have to do it yourself.

Let’s get right to the good stuff and talk about who made the list and why.

Best delta 8 brands and products

1. DiamondCBD—best delta 8 brand overall (best place to buy delta 8 online)



  • 1) Average refund policy 
    2) Brands may shine more than the company’s own products.

While this brand does have its own delta 8 THC products, what sets it apart is the wide variety of brands it offers—such as the popular 10X, Artisan, and Mellow Fellow.

Another factor that’s made this brand’s reputation is its mega sales—with more deals going on than any other company on our list.

But “discount” doesn’t mean poor quality.

The online store products are tested by third-party laboratories and made with organically-grown hemp. The products are also labeled as non-GMO and free of toxic chemicals—along with other eco-friendly practices.

So, if you want to sample a few different brands at a highly discounted price, Diamond CBD is your jam.


As mentioned, Diamond CBD regularly offers discounts of up to 70% off the retail price, as well as special 40% spin-to-win possibilities and 25% off just for the sake of it. It’s the best company in terms of price, coupons, and special deals, hands down.

Customers particularly like the 1000x square gummies (20 candies at 50 mg) that cost less than $40—which is actually “average price” on our list. You can even buy a 4000 mg pack of extra-strong 200 mg gummies for less than $200.

If you want to save even more, you can go for Diamond CBD’s own products, such as its delta 8 gummies and CBD oil, which typically cost less than $20.

And, if you’re a pet owner, you can even find CBD snacks for anxious cats and dogs.

Bottom line

It’s really a matter of taste and individual experience when it comes to evaluating Diamond CBD. The online store itself has exceptional deals, a pretty good offer on shipping, and a not-so-great refund policy.

But the taste and potency you can expect depend on the particular brand you’re trying. I like Chill and Alibi, which have their own unique tastes.

But those are different from Canna Slim and Liquid Gold. My favorite may well have been Chill Plus Delta 8 Honey Bear, which also contains CBD isolate for that extra “oomph.”

Diamond CBD is a lot like a mall, and you can spend months shopping and trying different products.

How I found top delta 8 brands and companies (AVOID brands that don’t do this).

There were multiple factors at play in choosing the best delta 8 brands, and some of these factors were, in fact, two-fold. Balance is what makes a good product. 

Potency and efficacy are what THC is all about.

It’s not just potency, as in how strong the delta 8 THC content is

It’s also about how effective the product is—how it makes the person feel and whether the high potency actually delivers the intended effect or not.

All companies have potent products, but we’re more interested in the results, aren’t we?

Ingredients and taste shouldn’t be overlooked.

The cannabis market has many tasty gummies, tinctures, and other hemp edibles. Some of the flavors are top-notch, delicious stuff.

But everyone, me included, is nervous about consuming a new product. We have to pay attention to what the company says about all-natural ingredients, organic hemp growing, and all that good stuff.

Indica versus sativa… you’ll feel the difference.

Not all companies specify if their products are indica or sativa-dominant, while the best delta 8 brands go out of their way to explain howthey made the blend.

But since indica hemp plants produce a sleepy and relaxed sort of mood, while a sativa hemp plant is more energetic and cerebral, it’s kind of a big deal to the new buyer.

Trustworthy delta 8 brands—avoid brands with unclear testing policies

We want to know what products passed a test, who did the third-party testing, and how involved the company was in quality control.

It’s difficult to pinpoint “safety” in a new market, but the best delta 8 brands are the ones that make sure to explain all parts of hemp plant farming, production, extraction, and lab testing. We also like to have access to detailed lab reports.

Price and policies directly affect You.

Finally, we all love affordable prices and discounts.

But we also pay attention to customer-friendly policies, like free shipping (in general or only over $100) and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does the company offer a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee, or does it make too many demands in small print before it gives you a refund?

Does the company offer a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee, or does it make too many demands in small print before it gives you a refund?

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Reputable delta 8 companies and brands—FAQ

Confused about how to buy delta 8 online? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions about the best delta 8 brands.

Are there any legit Delta-8 brands?

Yes, there are plenty of legit delta 8 brands to choose from, including DiamondCBD, to name a few. But what makes a store legit?

Well, delta 8 brands that sell lab-tested products containing less than 0.3% THC are legit, as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, that bill only makes delta 8 federally legal, so companies still have to follow state regulations, which may include banning delta 8 products and respecting new decisions made by the FDA regarding the cannabis plant.

What is the most potent brand of delta 8?

The most potent brand of delta 8 I tried was CBD Genesis, in some respects.

But potent doesn’t always mean the best quality of delta 8. DiamondCBD had, for me, just as powerful an effect but didn’t give me the jitters.

What is delta 8?

Delta 8 is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. However, because the amounts of delta 8 per plant are usually low, commercially sold delta 8 is generally produced synthetically. 

While delta 8 isn’t typically as strong as traditional THC, users have reported feeling psychoactive effects from delta 8, and some even go as far as to call the effects a high (more on this below).

Will delta 8 get you high?

Yes, delta 8 may get you high. The way the body reacts to delta 8 varies from person to person. If you take more than the recommended dosage (5–10 mg for a new user), the chances of you feeling high from delta-8 increase.

However, if you stick to the suggested dose, you should only experience a mellow feeling, which is part relaxation, euphoria, and a peaceful “spacing out” kind of mindset. But you shouldn’t hallucinate, act drunk, or lose your inhibitions.

Are delta 8 dabs strong?

Yes, delta 8 dabs are considered strong compared to regular delta 8 gummies or tinctures.

A few pieces of crumbles of wax might contain up to 1000 mg of delta 8 THC. DiamondCBD sells them for $29.99 apiece or in packs of three, five, or ten.

Does delta 8 show up on a drug test?

Yes, delta 8 will most likely show up on a drug test, like most forms of cannabis.

Drug tests can detect delta-8 THC up to 48 days after consumption, but it’s worth noting that many factors can shorten the amount of time it takes for delta 8 to be cleared from the body.

Final thoughts—what is the best delta 8 THC brand?

The best delta 8 brand is DiammondCBD

As you now know (unless you’ve skipped all the way through), a great brand is characterized by third-party lab testing, high-quality hemp, reputation, blah blah blah.

In the end, DiamondCBD performed the best in all categories because of its quality ingredients, potent but mellow effects, and no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.

Indeed, many companies claim to make “high quality” products, but it’s nice to see Exhale putting its money (not yours) on the line.

>> Check out the official DiamondCBD website for More Then 40% OFF your first order. >>

That said, we all have unique preferences when it comes to taste, tolerance, and effects.

So, if any brand appeals to you more than the others, I’d say go for it!

The only caveat would be to do some extensive research before buying from a brand other than the ones featured here.

Otherwise, you could be taken for a (very unpleasant) ride.

Not that that’s ever happened to me, of course… *ahem*.

And on this bright note, I’ll say my goodbyes.

(I’m gone.)

(Stop reading, I just said I’m gone.)

(Don’t you think this is ridiculous?)

(Come on…)

(OK, now I’m really gone.)

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